Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 16 pp 20609—20628

Intravascular emboli relates to immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment and predicts prognosis in stage III colorectal cancer


Figure 5. GSEA-enrichment plots of representative gene sets in the IVE group. (A) chronic inflammatory response (NES,1.777; FDR q-value, 0.012; NOM p-value, <0.001). (B) positive regulation of IL-4 production (NES, 1.549; FDR q-value, 0.023; NOM p-value, 0.028). (C) IL-8 secretion (NES, 1.654; FDR q-value, 0.034; NOM p-value, 0.006). (D) positive regulation of IL-17 production (NES, 1.572; FDR q-value, 0.025; NOM p-value, 0.021). (E) negative regulation of lymphocyte mediated immunity (NES, 1.631; FDR q-value, 0.022; NOM p-value, 0.009). (F) negative regulation of IFNγ production (NES, 1.561; FDR q-value, 0.024; NOM p-value, 0.031).