Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 11 pp 4699—4713

Hsa_circ_0063804 enhances ovarian cancer cells proliferation and resistance to cisplatin by targeting miR-1276/CLU axis


Figure 3. miR-1276 was sponged by circ_0063804 and down-regulated in OC patients. (A) The binding site of circ_0063804-WT or -Mut for miR-1276. (B) Luciferase reporter assay identified that miR-1276 was a target gene of circ_0063804. (C) Circ_0063804 silencing elevated miR-1276 expression, and circ_0063804 overexpression reduced miR-1276 expression in OC cells. (D) miR-1276 expression was down-regulated in tumor tissues of OC patients. (E) The expression of circ_0063804 and miR-1276 was negatively correlated in tumor tissues of OC patients. ** P < 0.01. OC: ovarian cancer.