Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 8 pp 3365—3386

Wild type and gain of function mutant TP53 can regulate the sensitivity of pancreatic cancer cells to chemotherapeutic drugs, EGFR/Ras/Raf/MEK, and PI3K/mTORC1/GSK-3 pathway inhibitors, nutraceuticals and alter metabolic properties


Figure 13. Effects of presence of WT-TP53 on glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration. The data for MIA-PaCa-2 + pLXSN is the same control as presented in [91]. Both MIA-PaCa-2 + pLXSN and MIA-PaCa-2 + WT-TP53 cells were examined the same time on the Seahorse machine as were MIA-PaCa-2 + WT-GSK-3β and MIA-PaCa-2 + KD-GSK-3β cells (all four cell lines done at same time). The data presented in Figure 14 are the means and standard error of the means (SEM).