This article has been retracted: Aging has completed its investigation of this paper. The investigation found that the text and figures overlap with an article by different authors published in another journal [1], which has already been retracted. The Figure 1C “sham” image is identical with “TAC” image in Figure 2C from the Aging paper and the Figure 2E “TAC” image from the aforementioned other paper [1]. Two additional panels of Figure 2C also are identical to two panels of Figure 2E in the other paper [1]. Figure 2B - H&E staining of the heart tissue - bottom panels “TAC” and “TAC+Ad-AK045171” are identical with the bottom “TAC” and “sham” images of Figure 4F of the other paper [1]. The authors informed the journal that they have agreed with the retraction.

The Administration of the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University was notified about the retraction by Aging Journal.


  • 1. Wang W, Liu N, Xin L, Ruan Y, Du X, Bai R, Dong J, Ma C. RETRACTED ARTICLE: inhibition of miR-296-5p protects the heart from cardiac hypertrophy by targeting CACNG6. Gene Ther. 2021; 28:391. [PubMed]