This article has been retracted: Aging has completed its investigation of this paper after receiving alerts from the PubPeer platform regarding multiple inconsistences in Figure 4B as well as duplication of results from a separately published paper from a different author group [1]. We confirmed that Figure 2A, “Gel retardation assay of naked pDNA and SLNs/pDNA complexes with the different mass ratio,” duplicates Figure 1D, "Gel retardation assay of naked siRNA and MWNT/Sor/siRNA complexes with the different N/P ratio," published by other authors [1]. We also found internal duplications of results with BrdU- and DAPI-stained cells from other experimental groups presented in Figure 4B as well as inconsistency between the BrdU and DAPI images from the same experimental group and, as a result, a disconnect in the merged images. The authors notified us that they see the problems in the paper and all authors agreed that the article should be retracted.


  • 1. Wen Z, Feng Y, Hu Y, Lian L, Huang H, Guo L, Chen S, Yang Q, Zhang M, Wan L, Xu K, Degejirifu, Yan X. Multiwalled carbon nanotubes co-delivering sorafenib and epidermal growth factor receptor siRNA enhanced tumor-suppressing effect on liver cancer. Aging (Albany NY). 2021; 13:1872–82. [PubMed]