Research Paper Volume 1, Issue 1 pp 49—57

Young adult donor bone marrow infusions into female mice postpone age-related reproductive failure and improve offspring survival

Figure 2. Reproductive performance of aging female mice after once-monthly infusions of vehicle or BM harvested from young adult female donors, initiated at 8 months of age.. Fertility outcomes are shown for each VEH-INF female and BM-INF female between 10-11.5 (A), 11.5-13 (B), 13-14.5 (C), 14.5-16 (D), and 16-17.5 (E) months (M) of age (each mouse is represented by a number on the x-axis) run in parallel mating trials. The total number of offspring delivered and that survived for each female are indicated. Crosses designate mice that had to be euthanized due to severe health complications or that died of natural causes during the study period.