Research Paper Volume 1, Issue 1 pp 49—57

Young adult donor bone marrow infusions into female mice postpone age-related reproductive failure and improve offspring survival

Figure 5. Analysis of donor cell engraftment in recipients after BM-INF without prior conditioning.. Representative immunohistochemical analysis of EGFP expression (brown) in ovaries of aged wild-type females following 15 once-monthly infusions of BM harvested from young adult β-actin-EGFP transgenic female donors (A, B). The ovary of a representative transgenic donor female (C) is shown as a positive control. (D) Chimerism analysis of BM-derived cells collected from female mice following 15 once-monthly infusions of β-actin -EGFP transgenic BM (BM-INF, X15) or a single infusion of β-actin-EGFP transgenic BM (BM-INF, X1). Parallel analysis of BM harvested from recipient females conditioned with busulfan and cyclophosphamide prior to BMT (again using β transgenic females as donors) is shown for comparison. For these samples, BM was collected 2 weeks (wk) and 4 weeks post-BMT. The data shown represent the mean ± SEM of results from analysis of 4 mice per group.