Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 7 pp 415—431

miRNAs regulate SIRT1 expression during mouse embryonic stem cell differentiation and in adult mouse tissues

Figure 3. Expression profiling of miRNAs that potentially target the SIRT1 3'-UTR during mESC differentiation.. (A) 18 miRNAs from nine miRNA families that potentially target the 3'-UTR of SIRT1 were induced during mESC differentiation at the time SIRT1 protein was downregulated. Their fold induction in d20 embryoid bodies above their expression in undifferentiated mESCs was plotted on the y-axis, and the location of their seed binding site in the 3'-UTR of mSIRT1 was plotted on the x-axis. (B-C), qRT-PCR of miRNA expression relative to miR-16 from undifferentiated mESCs and differentiating embryoid bodies of specific miRNAs that potentially target SIRT1. Data are mean ± s.d. for four samples.