Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 12 pp 1169—1177

Peripheral oxytocin treatment ameliorates obesity by reducing food intake and visceral fat mass


Figure 2. Daily sc injection of Oxt decreases food intake and body weight. (A, B) Cumulative food intake after 1,600 μg/kg dose of sc injection of Oxt in standard chow fed mice (A) and HFD-induced obese mice (B). n = 5 for Oxt and for control. (C, D) Daily food intake (C) and body weight gain (D) under sc Oxt injection (1,600 μg/kg), once a day. Gray areas in Figures C and D indicate the phase of Oxt injection (1-17 days). Sc Oxt injection was terminated and switched to sc vehicle injection at day 18. n = 5 for Oxt and for control. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01.