Research Paper Volume 4, Issue 1 pp 3—12

Mitochondrial oxidative stress caused by Sod2 deficiency promotes cellular senescence and aging phenotypes in the skin


Figure 3. DNA damage in WT and Sod2−/− mouse skin. (A) Western analysis for γH2AX and α-tubulin (αTUB) in dorsal skin samples from WT (n=6) and Sod2−/− (n=6) mice, aged 17-20 days. (B) Representative photomicrographs of immunofluorescence staining for γH2AX (green, arrows) staining of skin sections from WT (n=8) and Sod2−/− (n=9) mice. Sections were counterstained with DAPI to identify nuclei (blue). Large arrows indicate staining in the epidermis; small arrows indicate staining in hair follicles.