Research Paper Volume 4, Issue 12 pp 966—977

Complete cardiac regeneration in a mouse model of myocardial infarction


Figure 5. Fate mapping of cardiomyocytes that repair heart attacks. (A) Schematic representation of the lineage tracing experiment. Homozygous female Rosa26-loxPSTOPloxP-YFP reporter mice were crossed with male Myh6-MerCreMer mice. Tamoxifen (20mg/kg in peanut oil) was administered intraperitoneally into pregnant females at E19.5. Newborns were transferred to foster mothers immediately after birth. LAD ligation was performed on P1.5 and hearts were harvested 7 days later on P8.5. (B-C) No significant difference of YFP positive cardiomyocytes in the area at risk (left ventricular free wall = LV free wall) or in the remote myocardium, i.e. right ventricle (RV), between LAD-ligated and SHAM operated mice (n=4 per group). ns, not significant (Mann-Whitney U Test).