Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 1 pp 1—13

PCH-2 regulates Caenorhabditis elegans lifespan


Figure 4. Inhibition of pch-2 and sir-2 expression by RNAi impacts lifespan. (A) A shortened lifespan, both median (62%, 64%) and maximum (70%, 78%), was caused by pch-2 and sir2 specific RNAi (n=81, 65) as compared to RNAi vector lines (n=63) (p <0.0001). (B) In WT worms, RNAi for pch-2 resulted in significantly reduced expression by ~ 70% as validated by qRT-PCR, but did not have a significant effect on sir-2 transcripts. (C) Similarly, in WT worms, RNAi for sir-2 resulted a significant reduction of sir-2 expression about 50% by qRT-PCR validation, and without notable effect on pch-2 expression (*p <0.001).