Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 12 pp 1112—1128

RPD3 histone deacetylase and nutrition have distinct but interacting effects on Drosophila longevity


Figure 3. Longevity of flies carrying mutations in both rpd3 and Thor (4E-BP). (A) Average expression of mRNA for the 4E-BP gene in two (yw) or three (Thor mutant) biological replicates isolated from the heads and thoraces of female flies at 10 days of age by Q-PCR. Black, +/+ controls, magenta, Thork07736/+. Graphs are plotted as the means +/− standard errors. (B) Mean life span of Thork0773/+ and +/+ control (yw background) flies, male and female, on 0.5N, 0.7N, 1.0N, and 1.5N food levels.(C, D) Mean life span of male (C) and female (D) rpd3def/+, Thork0773 /+; rpd3def/+ double mutants and +/+ control flies on 0.5N, 0.7N, 1.0N, and 1.5 food levels.