Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 1 pp 50—57

Fragile lifespan expansion by dietary mitohormesis in C. elegans


Figure 1. Glucose enrichment induces HSP-6 and DVE-1 expression. (a) Glucose enrichment (GE) induces expression of a hsp-6::GFP transcriptional reporter at concentrations of 1, 2 and 4%. (b) Quantification of hsp-6p::GFP expression (mean ± SD, ****P<0.0001 compared to control). (c) GE increases expression of a dve-1::GFP translational reporter at all glucose concentrations tested. (d) Quantitative representation of DVE-1 expression after GE treatment (mean ± SD, ****P<0.0001 compared to control). (e) Knockdown of atfs-1 or dve-1 abolishes GE mediated hsp-6p::GFP expression. (f) Quantification of hsp-6p::GFP expression after atfs-1 or dve-1 (RNAi) (mean ± SD, ****P<0.0001).