Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 3 pp 427—439

Expression of amyloid-β in mouse cochlear hair cells causes an early-onset auditory defect in high-frequency sound perception


Figure 6. The expression of human tau in the cochleae of Tg(Math1E-Aβ42Arc)1Lt mice induces a synergistic auditory deficit. (A-C) ABR threshold of Tg(MathE-MAPT)1Lt (filled circles) and non-Tg (open circles) mice from age 2 to 7 months for the 32 kHz (A) and 8 kHz (B) tones and the click sound (C). (D-F) ABR threshold for the non-Tg (white bars) and tau/Aβ42Arc (black bars) mice at age 2 and 3 months. tau/Aβ42Arc mice showed the threshold-increase onset at age 2 and 3 months for the 32 kHz (D) and 8 kHz (E) tones. The threshold for the click sound did not increase for any of the mice at any age (F). The data are expressed as the mean ± SEM. *p < 0.01; #, not significant. Non-Tg: n = 9 (6 male, 3 female); Tg (tau): n = 9 (4 male, 5 female); Tg (tau/Aβ42Arc): n = 5 (3 male, 2 female).