Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 2 pp 402—417

Involvement of Daphnia pulicaria Sir2 in regulating stress response and lifespan

Figure 4. Sir2 mRNA levels increase with D. pulicaria age. Total RNA was harvested from groups of 15 D. pulicaria at each age. Real-time PCR was performed using a BioRad CFX 96 using Sir2-specific primers and GAPDH primers as a normalization control. Data was analyzed using the 2−ΔΔCt method and are represented as relative Sir2 mRNA levels (green bars). Error bars represent standard deviations. The ages are as indicated, wk: weeks. To analyze statistical significance, an ANOVA was performed (F: 145.95, df: 2,6, p:1.38×10−7) followed by a post hoc Tukey test. The post hoc analysis revealed that all three means were statistically different from one another and for all: * (statistical significance between 1 wk and 4 wk), ** (statistical significance between 1 wk and 8 wk), and *** (statistical significance between 4 wk and 8 wk) and indicate p<0.05.