Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 4 pp 810—830

Mitotic degradation of yeast Fkh1 by the Anaphase Promoting Complex is required for normal longevity, genomic stability and stress resistance


Figure 10. The Fkh1K-R mutation decreases chronological lifespan, increases genomic instability, and confers temperature sensitive growth. (A) Chronological lifespan (CLS) was performed on cells expressing the FKH1K-R allele, in the presence or absence of FKH2. Cells were grown in Minimal Media (MM) and maintained in the Depleted Minimal Media (DMM) throughout the experiment. The experiments were performed in duplicate, at least twice. Standard error of the mean is shown. (B) FKH1K-R ade2 cells, in the presence or absence of FKH2, and in stationary phase, reverted from red to white/sectored. Each day following stationary phase, cells were plated as part of the CLS experiment. The plates were left for a week to fully develop color. The number of cells that were white, sectored, or a mottled pink were counted and plotted as a percentage of the total. (C) Strains expressing FKH1K-R, +/− FKH2, were grown overnight in 2% YPD media, then spot diluted onto plates containing rich YPD or complete medium (CM). Plates were supplemented with either 2 or 0.1% glucose. The plates were incubated for 3 to 6 days at 30 and 37°C.