Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 4 pp 810—830

Mitotic degradation of yeast Fkh1 by the Anaphase Promoting Complex is required for normal longevity, genomic stability and stress resistance


Figure 9. Removal of FKH1 and FKH2 re-establishes Clb2 synthesis and rapid cell cycle re-entry in apc5CA cells. (A) WT, apc5CA and apc5CA fkh1Δ fkh2Δ cells were arrested in G1 and then synchronously released back into the cell cycle. Samples were removed every 15 minutes for Western analyses using antibodies against Clb2 and GAPDH. (B) WT and apc5CA cells used for the experiment in (A) were allowed to grow for 3 hours with samples removed every 30 minutes for analysis by flow cytometry. (C) Flow cytometry was used on the WT and apc5CA fkh1Δ fkh2Δ samples used in (A).