Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 9 pp 2081—2099

Age-related hearing loss: prevention of threshold declines, cell loss and apoptosis in spiral ganglion neurons


Figure 10. Schematic of the potential molecular pathways which illustrate the main findings of the present investigation, suggesting that ALD interferes with apoptotic pathways for aging in spiral ganglion neurons. Aging processes triggers Bcl-2 inhibition and Bax activation, which are key factors in intrinsic pathways, and promotes the caspase-dependent extrinsic pathway. Aldosterone, through the activation of cochlear mineralocorticoid receptors, blocks apoptotic processing induced by aging, i.e., Bcl-2 is increased and Bax is decreased to inhibit the intrinsic apoptosis induced by aging, Caspase-dependent pathways are also inhibited.