Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 11 pp 2611—2634

Aging dysregulates D- and E-series resolvins to modulate cardiosplenic and cardiorenal network following myocardial infarction

Figure 2. Aging and intake of fatty acids impacts metabololipidomics profiling in LV healing. (A and B) Hierarchal cluster analyses of lipids indicates increased levels of metabolites in young but decreased in SO diet fed aging group post-MI. Color code bar representing change in expression from green (-1 lowest decrease) to red (+1 highest increase). (C) Venn diagram representing the number of metabolites affected due to age (young vs aging) and SO diet post-MI. (D) Principal component analysis (PCA) of lipid metabolites suggesting limited intake of fatty acids in young and aging (LC) mice respond similar manner post-MI; n =3/group.