Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 11 pp 2827—2847

Tethering telomerase to telomeres increases genome instability and promotes chronological aging in yeast


Figure 3. CLS of sch9∆ cells. (A) Telomere length of cells in (B) at CLS D1 and CLS D29 was examined by Southern blot. (B) CLS assay was done using cells WT-pRS316/sch9∆-pRS316 (streakout 13th, normal telomeres), WT-pRS316-CDC13-EST2/sch9∆-pRS316-CDC13-EST2 (streakout 13th, overlong telomeres). Survival (viable colonies) values are normalized to CLS D1 and are the averages of 6-10 cultures ± SEM.