Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 11 pp 2827—2847

Tethering telomerase to telomeres increases genome instability and promotes chronological aging in yeast


Figure 4. Detection of CAN1 mutation frequency and GCR frequency in sch9∆ cells during chronological aging. (A) Cells of hxt13∆-pRS315/ hxt13sch9∆-pRS315 (streakout 14th, normal telomeres), hxt13∆-pRS315-CDC13-EST2/ hxt13sch9∆-pRS315-CDC13-EST2 (streakout 14th, overlong telomeres) were used to assay CAN1 marker-gene mutation frequency during chronological aging. (B) The same cells in (A) were used to examine GCRs frequency during chronological aging. The values (viable colonies) are the averages of 6-10 cultures ± SEM. (C) Telomere length of cells of CLS D1 and D29 in (A) and (B) was examined by Southern blot.