Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 5 pp 1386—1403

Transgenic autoinhibition of p21-activated kinase exacerbates synaptic impairments and fronto-dependent behavioral deficits in an animal model of Alzheimer’s disease

Figure 5. PAK inhibition aggravates the behavioral alterations observed in 3xTg-AD mice. (A) Both 3xTg-AD and 3xTg-AD-dnPAK displayed a reduced exploratory activity in a hole-board task. *p<0.05 when compared to 3xTg-AD and 3xTg-AD-dnPAK animals. (B) No significant difference in mean stand-up duration. (C) 3xTg-AD-dnPAK mice displayed increased anxiety in dark and light box testing as shown by the greater latency time to go out from the dark box. *p<0.05(D) Schematic representation of social interaction paradigm used to assess behavioral performance of 3xTg-AD and 3xTg-AD-dnPAK animals. Mice with genetically reduced PAK activity interacted less than 3xTg-AD animals during a social interaction test. O p<0.05, n=8 animals per group.