Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 7 pp 1745—1769

HIF-1–dependent regulation of lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans by the acyl-CoA–binding protein MAA-1

Figure 3. MAA-1 functions predominantly in the intestine to regulate longevity. Intestinal-specific RNAi is sufficient to extend longevity. Lifespans of rde-1(ne219) mutants in which rde-1 expression is restored in the intestine (A) or the hypodermis (B); animals were subjected to control or maa-1 RNAi (P<0.0001 and P<0.05 for A and B, respectively). (C) Lifespans of the control strain rde-1(ne219) subjected to control or maa-1 RNAi (P=0.8513). P values were calculated using the log-rank (Mantel-Cox) method. Replicate experiments are shown and additional statistical analysis are shown in Table S1 and S2.