Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 11 pp 2288—2301

Transcriptome-wide association study of inflammatory biologic age

Figure 3. Enrichment of inflammatory ∆age-related genes with corresponding differences in methylation. Among 448 genes whose expression was associated with inflammatory ∆age, 223 genes contained at least one CpG where methylation was associated with inflammatory ∆age (defined as differentially methylated genes [DMGs]). In order to assess its significance, we generated one million gene sets, each one containing 448 randomly selected genes and determined how many of the 448 randomly selected genes were DMGs. As shown, each randomly matched gene set contained a mean of 153 methylation genes (min: 109 genes, max: 199 genes), which is much smaller than that of inflammatory ∆age-related genes (empirical p-value <1x10-6). The red triangle indicates the number of DMGs in inflammatory ∆age-related genes.