Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 2 pp 229—240

Exploiting mitochondrial targeting signal(s), TPP and bis-TPP, for eradicating cancer stem cells (CSCs)

Figure 10. Using the xCELLigence to assess the effects of 2-butene-1,4-bis-TPP on cell proliferation and viability/cell cycle arrest. The xCELLigence system allows the real-time, label-free, monitoring of cell health and behavior, via high frequency measurement of cell-induced electrical impedance. Note that the effects of 2-butene-1,4-bis-TPP are concentration-dependent and most notable after 72 hours, but are also noticeable at 48 hours. Little or no effect was observed after 24 hours of incubation. Interestingly, 2-butene-1,4-bis-TPP was cytostatic at 1 μM.