Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 4 pp 573—591

An epigenetic biomarker of aging for lifespan and healthspan


Figure 5. Lifestyle factors versus DNAm PhenoAge acceleration in blood in the WHI. In this cross- sectional analysis, the correlation test analysis (bicor, biweight midcorrelation) between select variables and DNAm PhenoAgeAccel reveals that education, income, exercise, proxies of fruit/vegetable consumption, and HDL cholesterol are negatively associated (blue) with DNAm PhenoAge, i.e. younger epigenetic age. Conversely, CRP, insulin, glucose, triglycerides, BMI, waist-to-hip ratio, systolic blood pressure, and smoking have a positive association (red) with DNAm PhenoAge. All results have been adjusted for ethnicity and batch/data set. Similar results based on multivariate regression models can be found in Supplement 1: Fig. S6B.