Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 4 pp 764—774

Novel role of autophagy-associated Pik3c3 gene in gonadal white adipose tissue browning in aged C57/Bl6 male mice

Figure 3. Pik3c3 mutant middle aged mice exhibit reduced adiposity and improved glucose tolerance. Total body weight, gWAT and gWAT: body weight ratio of middle aged (12 MO) fl/fl or mutant mice (n=5 for each group) were plotted (A). Blood glucose levels in GTT were plotted in (B) and area under the curve was plotted in (C). The significance levels were analyzed by unpaired Student’s t-test using means and SDs and designated as *p<0.05, **p<0.01, or ***p<0.001 and ns=not significant (p>0.05).