Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 6 pp 1223—1238

Inactivation of hepatic ATRX in Atrx Foxg1cre mice prevents reversal of aging-like phenotypes by thyroxine

Figure 1. T4 administration restores normal serum T4 levels in Atrx Foxg1cre (cKO) mice but does not rescue life span or growth abnormalities. (a) Kaplan-Meier curve depicting survival of Atrx Foxg1cre mice injected with various amount of T4 from P0-P14 (b) Serum T4 levels are restored in P14 Atrx Foxg1cre mice after T4 treatment (0.1 mg/kg T4). T4 treatment does not improve body size (c) or body weight and length (d) in Atrx Foxg1cre at P14. Groups with the same letter have means that are not significantly different. Groups with different letters have means that are significantly different (p<0.05). Error bars represent SEM.