Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 6 pp 1223—1238

Inactivation of hepatic ATRX in Atrx Foxg1cre mice prevents reversal of aging-like phenotypes by thyroxine

Figure 3. Altered gene expression and serum IGF-1 levels are not ameliorated by T4 administration (cKO) mice at P14. (a) Serum IGF-1 and expression of liver Igf1 are not restored to control levels following T4 treatment in Atrx Foxg1cre mice. (b) qRT-PCR of Igfr and Igf2r expression following T4 treatment in Atrx Foxg1cre mice. (c) Igfals,Igfbp1, Igfbp2 and Igfbp3 (IGF-1 complex proteins) transcript levels in the liver upon T4 treatment. qRT-PCR was normalized to β-actin expression, n=3-6. Groups with the same letter have means that are not significantly different. Groups with different letters have means that are significantly different (p<0.05). Error bars represent SEM.