Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 7 pp 1597—1608

Aging exacerbates mortality of Acinetobacter baumannii pneumonia and reduces the efficacies of antibiotics and vaccine

Figure 6. Bactericidal ability of inflammatory cells in young and aged mice. Young and aged mice were infected intratracheally with 5 × 106 CFU of LAC-4. (A) MPO levels in the lung homogenate supernatants at 0 h and 24 hpi were detected by ELISA. (B) ROS production in neutrophils (CD11b+ Ly6G+ cells) in BALF at 24 hpi was stained by a ROS detection reagent (carboxy-H2DCFDA) and assessed by flow cytometry. Data are presented as mean ± SEM of four or five mice per condition and represent one of 2 independent experiments. Statistical analyses were performed by Student’s t test. *, P<0.05, **, P<0.01.