Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 7 pp 1666—1681

Mitochondria-targeted hydrogen sulfide attenuates endothelial senescence by selective induction of splicing factors HNRNPD and SRSF2


Figure 4. The cellular and molecular effects of targeted knockdown of HNRPND and SRSF2 genes. (A) Senescent cell load as indicated by SA-β-Gal staining following either HNRPND or SRSF2 gene knockdown. n>300 cells for each sample. (B) Senescent cell load as indicated by CDKN2A gene expression following HNRPND or SRSF2 gene knockdown. Data are expressed relative to stable endogenous control genes GUSB, IDH3B and PPIA, and normalised to the levels of the individual transcripts in vehicle only controls. (C) The effect of HNRPND or SRSF2 gene knockdown on senescent cell load after H2S donor treatment. Data are derived from duplicate testing of 3 biological replicates. Statistical significance is indicated by *** p<0.001. Error bars represent the standard error of the mean.