Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 7 pp 1698—1721

Implementation of environmental enrichment after middle age promotes healthy aging

Figure 6. EE improves motor behavior and reduces anxiety. (A, B) Rotarod treadmill test at the age of 19 months after 9-month EE (n=9 per group). Time remaining on rod (A), Speed at fall (B). (C-E) Open field test at the age of 12 months after 2-month EE (n=10 per group). Time spent at the center of arena (C), ratio of distance travelled in center to total distance (D), total distance travelled (E). (F, G) Novelty suppressed feeding test at the age of 20 months after 10-month EE (n=10 SE, n=9 EE). Latency to consumption (F), food consumption in standard cage after the test (G). (H) Cold induced defecation test at the age of 19.5 months after 9.5-month EE (n=10 SE, n=9 EE). (I, J) Forced swim test at the age of 20.5 months after 10.5-month EE (n=8 per group). Immobility in each min (I), total immobility time (J). * P<0.05, ** P<0.01. Values are means ± SEM.