Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 9 pp 2480—2497

A new risk score based on twelve hepatocellular carcinoma-specific gene expression can predict the patients’ prognosis

Figure 3. Construction of HCC-specific gene risk score system using GSE14520. (A) HCC-specific risk score analysis in GSE14520. (Upper) The distribution of the risk score of 242 included samples. (Lower) Heatmap of the expression value of each gene in HCC-specific gene signature corresponding to each patient above. Red: high expression; Blue: low expression. (B and C) Survival (B) and recurrence (C) status of every patient in the training dataset (N=242). (D and E) Kaplan-Meier curves to compare OS (D) and DFS (E) of high-risk and low-risk groups in GSE14520.