Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 11 pp 3507—3527

Angiopoietin-1 and ανβ3 integrin peptide promote the therapeutic effects of L-serine in an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/Parkinsonism dementia complex model

Figure 11. Representative fluorescence microscopy images of the spinal cord anterior horn and hippocampus. LC3B fluorescence appears green and Hoechst 33342 (nucleus stain) appears blue. (A-T) Treatment with C16+Ang1 and L-serine, separately, reversed the up-regulation of LC3 expression compared with vehicle-treated group after L-BMAA injection at different time points, and the combined treatment showed a stronger effect on LC3 expression than either individual treatment group. (U-V) Enlarged images of sections from the hippocampus of the vehicle-treated model group (Q) and from the spinal cord of the C16+Ang-1–treated group (H) show the cytosolic localization of LC3 staining. (W, X) Quantification of relative fluorescence of LC3-positive cells. (a) p<0.05 vs normal rats; (b) p<0.05 vs vehicle-treated rats; (c) p<0.05 vs. C16+Ang-1–treated rats; (d) p<0.05 vs. L-serine–treated rats.