Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 11 pp 3541—3557

Cell and tissue type independent age-associated DNA methylation changes are not rare but common

Figure 1. Most age-DMPs are shared between blood cell subtypes. (A) Landscape overlap diagram for age-DMPs defined using FDR<0.05 threshold in three separate purified blood cell subtype datasets (1199 Monocytes from Reynolds et al, 214 CD4+ T-cells from Reynolds et al and 100 CD8+ T-cells from Tserel et al). Barplots indicate the number of aDMPs found in each purified cell-type, or the corresponding aDMP overlap between cell-types. For the overlapping categories, the P-value of the overlap is indicated by the color of the bar, as shown. (B) As A), but now using a Bonferroni corrected P<0.05 threshold. (C) Smoothed scatterplots of t-statistics of age-DMPs called in a given blood cell subtype vs. the corresponding t-statistics in another cell subtype, as indicated for the 3 pairwise comparisons. In each panel, we only depict the 100 most outlier data points, provide the number of probes in each significant quadrant and the P-value assessing agreement is from a one-tailed Fisher-test. The vertical red lines indicate the line of FDR<0.05, whilst the horizontal lines depict the “validation threshold” of P<0.05.