Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 11 pp 3558—3573

Myoblasts rely on TAp63 to control basal mitochondria respiration

Figure 3. TAp63 knock-down affect mitochondrial functions. (A) Mitosox Red analysis by flow cytometry in C2C7 Scr, Sh1 and Sh2 clones to assay mitochondrial superoxide anion levels. One of three independent experiments is shown (left). Quantification of fluorescence intensity is shown in the histogram (right). Data are shown as mean ± S.D. from three independent experiments. *p< 0,05 and **p< 0,01 by T-student test. (B) Mitotracker Red staining to detect mitochondrial content and shape. One representative experiment is shown. Magnification bar: 10μm. (C) qPCR relative to mitochondrial DNA copy number quantificated by the expression level of mitochondrial gene Nd5 and 12S related to expression of single copy gene Sdha. One from three independent experiments is shown. (D) OXPHOS antibody mixture was used to detect mitochondrial protein level by western blot in C2C7 scramble control (Scr), sh1- and sh2-p63 clones. One of three independent experiments is shown.