Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 11 pp 3574—3589

Suppression of mTORC1 activity in senescent Ras-transformed cells neither restores autophagy nor abrogates apoptotic death caused by inhibition of MEK/ERK kinases

Figure 5. Senescent pp242-treated cells with disrupted autophagy form the LC3-negative cavities where lysosomes and p62/SQSTM1 accumulate. (A) IF analysis of LC3 and lysosome (LAMP1) localization in senescent cells and mTORC1- suppressed senescent cells. Arrows show LAMP1 clamps in the LC3-negative vacuole (left image) and outside of the cell (right image). Nuclei stained with DAPI. (B) Morphology of senescent cells after 72 h of mTORC1 inhibition. Arrow shows acidic clamps secreted from the cells. (C) P62/SQSTM1 accumulates in vacuoles of senescent cells exposed to pp242. Nuclei stained with DAPI.