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Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 12 pp 4141—4151

Naringin targets Zeb1 to suppress osteosarcoma cell proliferation and metastasis


Figure 3. Naringin inhibits migration and invasion of osteosarcoma cells. (A-D) Migration and invasion were studied, respectively, using Transwell assays with or without Matrigel, in naringin-treated MG63 and U2OS cells. Cell count results represent the mean ± SD of three experiments. **P < 0.05, compared with NaCl. (E-H) MMP2 expression by Werstern blot and real-time PCR in MG63 and U2OS cells treated with NaCl or naringin for 24 h. **P < 0.05, compared with NaCl. (I, J) Zymography gel assay showing the inhibitory effect of naringin on MMP2 activity in MG63 and U2OS cells.