Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 1 pp 127—159

Premature aging and cancer development in transgenic mice lacking functional CYLD


Figure 10. K5-CYLDC/S mice develop spontaneous tumors in many organs. (A-C) Skin tumors. Infiltrating SCC arisen in the back skin of 8-month-old transgenic mouse (A, B). (C) Hair follicle derived tumor (trichofolliculoma) developed in the snout of a K5-CYLDC/S mouse. (D) Macroscopic appearance of a lung adenocarcinoma. (E) Lung acinar adenocarcinoma. (F) Lung papillary adenocarcinoma. (G, H) Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC); liver (Lv). (I) Mammary adenoepithelioma (asterisk). (J) Well differentiated gastric adenocarcinoma (asterisk). (K) In situ gastric carcinoma (asterisk). Scale bars: 500 μm (A); 300 μm (C, J, K); 200 μm (E, F); 250 μm (H, J); 100 μm (B).