Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 1 pp 174—184

Loss of the interaction between estradiol and insulin-like growth factor I in brain endothelial cells associates to changes in mood homeostasis during peri-menopause in mice


Figure 5. Exercise modulation of anxiety and resilience to stress in middle-aged female mice after treatment with an ERα agonist. (A) Administration of the ERα agonist PPT resulted in marked anxiolysis in middle-aged females, but exercise did not modify anxiety-like behavior, as measured in the EPM test (n=7-9). (B) PPT treatment increased resilience to stress, as indicated by reduced immobility in the tail suspension test, while exercise abrogated its effects (n=8-9). (C) PPT did not affect hippocampal IGF-I levels and did not significantly affect responses to exercise (n=3-4).