Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 2 pp 423—447

Expression and gene regulation network of RBM8A in hepatocellular carcinoma based on data mining

Figure 3. Visual summary of RBM8A alterations and biological interaction network in hepatocellular carcinoma (cBioPortal). (A) OncoPrint of RBM8A alterations in LIHC. The OncoPrint provides an overview of genomic alterations in RBM8A affecting individual samples (columns) in LIHC from the TCGA. The different types of genetic alterations are highlighted in different colors. (B) Network view of the RBM8A neighborhood in LIHC. RBM8A are seed genes (indicated with thick border), and all other genes are automatically identified as altered in LIHC. Darker red indicates increased frequency of alteration in LIHC. The interaction types are derived from the Biological Pathway Exchange (BioPAX): the blue connection indicates that the first protein controls a reaction that changes the state of the second protein; the red connection indicates that the proteins are members of the same complex.