Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 2 pp 573—589

Anti-senescence role of heterozygous fumarate hydratase gene knockout in rat lung fibroblasts in vitro

Figure 2. Reduced FH gene and protein expression in FH+/– cells. (A) FH gene sequencing results for WT and two different situations of FH+/– cells. (B) The 11 base pair deletion in one allele in exon 1 in FH+/– cells, which is marked in red in the opposite allele. Significantly reduced FH mRNA expression detected by RT-qPCR is shown in (C). Western blot analysis of FH protein expression is shown in (D), and the corresponding histogram is shown in (E), where the bar graphs represent FH protein expression normalized by β-actin. (F) Immunofluorescence microscopy of FH protein expression (200×).