Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 2 pp 615—633

MiR-223-3p promotes cell proliferation and metastasis by downregulating SLC4A4 in clear cell renal cell carcinoma


Figure 5. SLC4A4 expression is downregulated in ccRCC and predicts a poor prognosis. SLC4A4 mRNA levels in 72 normal tissues and 533 ccRCC tissues were downloaded from the dataset of TCGA-KIRC. (A) SLC4A4 mRNA levels were lower in cancer tissues than in para-cancer tissues. (B) SLC4A4 levels in three additional ccRCC datasets. (CH) SLC4A4 levels were compared in ccRCC patients according to the following clinicopathological parameters: (C) distant metastasis, (D) T stage, (E) TNM stage, (F) grade, (G) OS and (H) DFS. Data are shown as the mean ± SEM. * p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01; *** p < 0.001; ## p < 0.01; ### p < 0.001.