Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 4 pp 1089—1109

MALAT1/miR-15b-5p/MAPK1 mediates endothelial progenitor cells autophagy and affects coronary atherosclerotic heart disease via mTOR signaling pathway

Figure 3. mTOR signaling pathway and MALAT1/miR-15b-5p/MAPK1 axis in CAD. (A) Seven most distinctively activated KEGG pathways in healthy and CAD blood samples. (BC) Dotplot and joyplot suggested the distributions of some KEGG pathways gene sets in all differential genes. (D) GSEA enrichment plot shows most related genes of mTOR signaling pathway are discovered in the region where genes are overexpressed in CAD. (E) Networks for CAD related mRNAs and the red ranked mRNAs are in KEGG_MTOR_Signaling_Pathway, including MAPK1. (F) The interacted networks for differentially expressed lncRNAs and mRNAs. The solid line indicates positive correlation between lncRNA MALAT1 and MAPK1. (G) Venn diagram revealed that miR-15b-5p was one of the miRNAs not only targeted by lncRNA MALAT1 and MAPK1 but also involved in mTOR signaling pathway.