Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 2 pp 673—696

IDH mutation-specific radiomic signature in lower-grade gliomas

Figure 3. Identification of a prognostic signature based on differential features between IDHWT and IDHMUT LGGs. (A) The expression pattern of 16 radiomic features along with the elevation of the risk score. The corresponding survival data and IDH status are listed. (B) In 158 LGGs cohort, the IDHMUT patients survived longer than the IDHWT patients (P = 0.0045, HR = 0.4024, 95%CI:0.16–0.70). (C) The risk score divided the LGGs into two groups with distinct outcomes (P = 0.0017, HR = 0.3207, 95%CI:0.19–0.68). (D) IDHMUT LGGs with a low risk score showed a favorable prognosis compared with the IDHWT patients (P = 0.0483, HR = 0.4232, 95%, CI:0.17–0.99). (E) Further, the overall survival time of the IDHMUT patients with a high risk score was not significantly different from that of the IDHWT (P = 0.199).