Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 2 pp 741—755

Association between antidiabetic agents use and leukocyte telomere shortening rates in patients with type 2 diabetes


Figure 2. Telomere length and TSR correlate with acarbose use in T2DM patients. Linear regression analysis of telomere length and age in the acarbose group (A) and the acarbose-free group (B); comparison of telomere length (C) and TSR (D) between the two groups. The solid lines in A and B indicate mean telomere length, calculated by regression analysis; y = -22.14*x+7362 in A (r=-0.45, P <0.0001) and y = -9.29*x+6756 in B (r=-0.15, P <0.05) (y = telomere length in bp and x = age in years). (D) TSR was -22.14 ± 4.66 bp/year for the acarbose group (n = 89) and -9.29 ± 4.30 bp/year for the acarbose-free group (n = 215). Telomere length is presented as the mean ± SD. TSRs are presented as the mean ± SEM. ns indicates P > 0.05, ****indicates P < 0.0001.