Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 4 pp 1177—1188

Nutraceutical effects of Emblica officinalis in age-related macular degeneration


Figure 1. EO concentration optimization. Bar graph showing the effects of EO on cell death in AMD RPE cybrid cells. No difference was observed between the AMD untreated (bar 1) vs. AMD solvent control (bar 2) groups. Furthermore, no statistically significant difference was observed between untreated (bar 1) and 10 mg/mL EO-treated (bar 3) AMD cybrids. Higher viable cell numbers were observed in EO-treated AMD cybrids at concentrations of 15 mg/mL (bar 4), 20 mg/mL (bar 5), and 25 mg/mL (bar 6). *** indicates p<0.001; ns indicates non-significant p-value. Data are presented as mean ± SEM and normalized to untreated AMD cybrids which were assigned a value of 1. Experiments were performed at the 24 h time-point.