Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 4 pp 1204—1225

m6A RNA methylation regulators contribute to malignant progression and have clinical prognostic impact in gliomas

Figure 3. Interaction among m6A RNA methylation regulators and functional annotation of gliomas in RM1/2 subgroups. (A) The m6A modification-related interactions among the 13 m6A RNA methylation regulators. (B) Spearman correlation analysis of the 13 m6A modification regulators. (C) Principal component analysis of the total RNA expression profile in the CGGA dataset. Gliomas in the RM2 subgroup are marked with red. (D–E) Functional annotation of the genes with higher expression in the RM2 subgroup (red bar chart) or RM1 subgroup (green bar chart) using GO terms of biological processes (D) and KEGG pathway (E). (F) GSEA revealed that genes with higher expression in RM2 subgroup were enriched for hallmarks of malignant tumors.