Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 5 pp 1342—1355

MicroRNA-127 inhibits cell proliferation via targeting Kif3b in pancreatic β cells

Figure 5. miR-127 enhanced MS1 cells migration and tube formation. The cell growth of transfected MS1 cells was measured by CCK8 assay (A) and EDU assay (B). (C) Transwell migration assays were applied to measure cell migration. (D) MS1 cells were seeded in pre-solidified matrigel and the indicated images were captured. (E) The level of Kif3b expression was measured with qRT-PCR in transfected MS1 cells. (F) Migration activity of MS1 cells treated with EVs was evaluated by Transwell assay. (G) Tube formation assay showed interference of network assembly of EVs treated MS1 cells on matrigel. The values are presented as the means ± SD. *p<0.05.